Things to know before your first sex

Things to know before your first sex

You always been thinking how your first sex will turn out.

You’ve been worried how you would try your first sex and you’ve been imagining stuffs and all.

I will be walking you through things you need to know before your first sex.

Remember sex is done on consent, both persons must agree to have sex which is very important otherwise its rape.

Yes two love birds want to make out.

First things first, you must be 18+ and your partner must be 18+ as well.

  1. That’s the age criteria for sexual activities.

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Secondly, you start by kissing your partner. This is referred to as foreplay,

Where you build your sexual mood and most time orgasm.

After much kissing and fondling of each others sex organs that is the male fondling the breasts and buttocks of the female and the female fondling the penis of the male.

Next thing is taking off clothes of each other either personally or helping each other out.

Now to heat up the room, the male should suck the nipples of the females to help build up sexual excitement for her.

So she response by moaning; this is sounds of pleasure not to worry its normal.

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  1. During this act the male counterpart will experience erection of his penis; this is normal and not to worry, its the penis expression pleasure.

After this part, the next part is vital.

It is the insertion of the penis, now pay close attention.

You have to spread her legs and gently put in your erect penis into her vagina.

You have to spread the lips of the vagina yourself to avoid injury.

Once you’re in, you must in thrust in and out like a machine to give pleasure.

Make sure to start at slow speed and increase speed at intervals.

She will moan and scream to express pleasure, this is normal and there is no cause for alarm.

You can remove your penis when the scream is much loud and insert again then thrust in and out continuously.

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You will learn about sex positions in my next post.


Things may not turn out as expected but at least you learnt something new today.

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