Recipe on cooking Egusi soup

Recipe on cooking Egusi soup

Yes, alot of people has been requesting on how to cook their favourite soup; Egusi.

The African dish Egusi soup is a premium soup originating from the eastern part of Nigeria.

So today i will be giving you the recipe on how to prepare your favourite soup.

First of all, we will list the ingredients needed to prepare the egusi soup.

Ingredients required to prepare egusi soup:

Grounded melon seeds: you should ground the melon seeds to pulp.

Meat, fresh fish, dry fish, stock fish and grounded crayfish.

Pepper, salt, maggi cubes, thickener and seasoning cubes.

Sliced Vegetable leaves or bitter leaves.


Palm Oil


You should wash the meat and fish and add salt while washing.

Add 2 cups of water into a pot then place it on fire.

Now put the washed meat and fish into the boiling water also add a teaspoon of pepper and salt and stir; let it steam for about 10-15 minutes.

After steaming for 10 minutes then add 2 soup spoons of the palm oil and stir again.

Let it steam for 5-7 minutes, after 77 minutes then add the grounded melon and stir.

Let it steam for 10 minutes approximately.

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After 10 minutes, then add the food thickener into the soup and stir.

Let it steam for 5 minutes.

Now add the maggi cubes and seasoning cubes and stir.

If its too thickened, you can a cup of water then let it steam again for 5 minutes.

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After 5 minutes then wash the sliced vegetable leaves and put it into the soup then stir thoroughly make sure the ingredients blend.

After 5 minutes your delicious Egusi soup is served.

You can serve it with Garri, Akpu, Semolina or Wheat flour.

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