How to secure your whatsapp from hacker


In the time and age hacking has become a prolific skill, which is used to do damages and destroy peoples image, like impersonation and extorting money from your friends without your notice.

People have constantly become vulnerable to hackers invading their privacy without their consent.


This simple setup will help you secure your WhatsApp from hackers.


The Two-Step Verification is a good setup when have helped many to prevent hack attacks on social media apps.

Below are the steps, you will also find images with highlight which will help to carry out the setup.


Step1 open your WhatsApp: all you have to do is to open your WhatsApp, look up on the top right of your screen, you will find three dots vertically placed.

Click on it to continue

Step2 you will see dropbox of options, now you should select SETTINGS, click on it for the next step.

Keep on, this is quite easy.

Step3 a new page will be displayed on your screen where list of options you will choose from will drop.

Select ACCOUNT, that wil lead you to the page where you will start the securing process

Step4 Select/click on Two step verification to start the process, a new page will be displayed, instructing you to select ENABLE.

Step5 now you only need to input your preferred six digit pin and you will also have to confirm to ensure they’re both correct.

Step6 On the part after you’ve clicked next on the previous page, you should input your Email address twice on this page and the next one for confirmation.

Step7 once you’re through, you will click on DONE.


after here you will be required to input the six digit pin most times. To enable you to remember periodically.

Now i know it was easier than you thought.

What are you waiting for, invite your friends to do the same to secure their WhatsApp like yours.

Stay safe people.

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