Running facebook ad is quite an east task but most persons may think otherwise.

So here are useful steps in running a sponsored Ad.

To be able to run an ad effectively; you must own a page or business page(I know you already own one)

After creating a post on your page which includes text, images or videos, you click on BOOST POST.

You will get to preview your AD, like selecting how many days you intent to run it, how many people you intend to reach and also the location of your expected audience.

After making your desired selection, you click on ADD MONEY.

Money is required to run a sponsored AD.

You can pay using your credit card or debit card.

Once you’re credited into your Facebook wallet.

Then you can run your sponsored AD effectively.

Once you proceed and post your ad.

Facebook will review your Ad in 2-15hours before approving.

Once approved your Ad will start running effectively.

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