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how to recieve payments without POS from customers, as a business person you should know how good and cool it is to receive payments from your customers, now we will explain to you the advantages of having not only pay cash payment method as the only payment option.

some customers will walk into your shop having only one thing on mind to buy from your shop but along the line will come across something they might like but wont buy it simply because they don’t have extra cash on them to buy it but if you have POS machine they will definitely buy it so learn how to recieve payments without POS from customers.

mind you strategy of business is to always convert visitors to buyers but what if the potential customer that walked into your shop doesn’t have upto the exact fixed price of your product on them? don’t forget if you let them walk away they may not return as they may come across same product elsewhere cheaper.

you need POS machine!


if you do not have POS there’s an alternative to POS machine¬†and we will tell you how to get it at no cost by following the below steps:

  • STEP 1: log onto your mobile appstore or playstore and search for “RAVE POS”
  • STEP 2: download and install it on your mobile phone
  • STEP 3: sign up on it and verify it
  • STEP 4: final step, check on the features you will see “rave POS” enjoy converting your potential customers into buyers

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