How to quit an addiction

Are you suffering from an addiction and you want to quit so badly, then this is for you.

We are all addicted to one thing or another its either drug, masturbation, alcohol or bad vibe.

Addiction is a mental disorder which we can’t control or handle but rather it controls our lives and we feel awful afterwards.

On a serious note, addiction can damage your psychology and behaviour when the addiction control your body activities.

It can’t be stopped with a one time result; rather in applying these steps over time it would become easier and disappear with time.

Lets get down to business🤠

You’ve this weird addiction and you badly want to quit.

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First step: you have to accept emotionally and mentally you no longer want this addiction in your life.

Most people who come to me saying they want to quit an addiction.

i take them through a process called emotional and mental rejection.

This process helps them admit how terrible their life has been during the time of their addiction.

They will tell me how they started the addiction and what led them into the very act in the first place.

Youre out there fighting hard to get over an addiction and you don’t know how then this is for you.

After this process; we enter into the next process which is called evaluation process.

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This process is to enable you understand why you’re into the addiction.

Most people don’t know why they’re addicted. Some of us lost our loved ones so addiction feels like way to get over the pain of losing our loved one.

Some people started smoking cos they lost their mom, dad, girlfriend or siblings.

Some got addicted because of they want to have ecstasies and do all they couldn’t do with clear eyes.

Now you get to have a scheduled recovery theory class which you visit weekly and get frequently taught how to overcome these addictions.

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Now to quit an addiction, you have to accept wholeheartedly that you really want to quit.

This includes trying to avoid and stop those addiction practices yourself.

You have to cut down on the practices e.g1 if you used to drink 5 bottles of alcohol a day you should have cut down to 1 or 2 bottles already thats a sign of acceptance.

2 if you used to smoke a pack of cigar a day you used have cut down to 2 or 3 sticks a day.

3 if you used to masturbate 5 times daily you should have cut down to 1 or 2 times daily.

Two: you should stop being lonely, start hanging out with positive and different types of people who help you to become a better person.

Be a socialite it will help you open up and make you feel better and then you will know you’re not the only one with an addiction.

Talk with people share same problem with you and results will happen sooner than you think.

Three: developing your mind to think positively: indulge in positive activities like playing mental games, spelling games and mind developing games.

These games will give you a total mind reset and make you want to become a better person for yourself and the community at large.

Four: exercise and sports: this is an important head game. When you engage in exercise and sports you make stopping an addiction easier for you.

Because your body chemistry will begin developing a new stimulus and this will live with you forever.

Now you’ve a healthy mind and healthy body. Next will be a great deal.

Five: Develop a new skill. Developing a new skill is a sure way to drop a habit. Skill will make you happy each day especially seeing yourself improving on this skill daily.

Skills like coding, learning a musical instrumental, creating an art, cooking meal recipes.

Six:believing you can achieve your set goals.

When you believe you can do all the listed above and trust in yourself then you can be the next candidate quiting their addiction in 6 months.

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