Alot want to learn how to make money blogging this year 2021 and next year 2022 but 90% (ninety percent) of those that are eager have not found answer to their search so here on InflowChainPost we decided to guide you on how to make money blogging easily without the stress or trauma of google adsense sign up and all the rest of the works needed to be put on your blog before you can be able to earn s dollar [$]

after reading this article attentively you will be able to make your own money blogging today at ease.

i make over 15box (one thousand five hundred dollars) every month blogging and making contents, that’s huge right? No is not! I am targeting over 30 box soon because my stats recently grew by 9.50% and i am working on booming more in short time.

i am going to give you the straight tips and guide on how you can make money as a Blogger so that you will stop asking me your frequently asked question (how can I make money blogging?) It is easy now, believe me, you don’t need to sign up on google service or any ads program before you can get bids to pay you while blogging, no, it is more easy now than before.

this is my fourth (4th) year experience as a Blogger and believe me earning online has never been as easy as it is to me nowadays so here are my steps.

  1. sign up on as an author click HERE to sign up
  2. fill out the informations on the registration page and complete your profile details required
  3. you will see “Author Dashboard” in your account or profile. click on it
  4. when you’re on the author dashboard first thing you should do is to read the “terms and conditions” of
  5. after reading the terms, be sure you have submitted necessary required informations required on your profile
  6. you will see tabs listed on the author dashboard click on the “Write Post” tab
  7. Final step, start making your posts and publish them according to the terms of the platform and never violate the terms of the platform if you don’t want to risk your revenue. You can click on the terms button on the author dashboard to read about the terms. Below is screenshot of my own wallet how much i made so far from April to May 2021 and i have not requested for withdrawal. If you don’t request withdrawal your money will be in your wallet as long as you want.
How to make money Blogging

as you can see above is my earnings and i can request withdrawal anytime i want and get paid to my local bank account anytime anyday.

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i am your very wonderful Innocent and on this post i am sure you have learn How to make money Blogging kindly drop a comment below if this post is helpful. Thanks for reading!

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