alot of you want to know who your spouse is talking to 🤣 is the funny Truth, we understand and that’s why we have come up with this amazing trick to help you be able to know How to hack your spouse WhatsApp and find out who he or she is talking to.

it is important to know who you’re dealing with to avoid sad story in case of contracting sickness, just imagine poor you who have been faithful to one idiot and at the end of the day you end up with HIV aids and get devastated thinking how you got such deadly disease meanwhile you never know it is your spouse who got you into such mess!

Don’t worry, on this article in tricks and tips you will learn How to hack your spouse WhatsApp perfectly well and get yourself equiped and ready to avoid nonsense from anyone you’re dating or in marriage with.

after reading this kindly try it and get back to us on the comment section below with your testimony, first step is to download our twigged web whatsapp by clicking below button

after downloading it on your android phone install it and open it. When you open it you will see a window like below

what you Will then do next is to sneak on your spouse phone and open his WhatsApp, when you open the WhatsApp navigate to menu and you will see WhatsApp web as seen on below Screenshot, click on the highlighted

after clicking on WhatsApp web next window will be like below Screenshot

click on the highlighted “Link A Device” to linked your divide to your spouse device, next is to scan your barcode on the app you installed as shown below

, when you click on the link a device button you will see another window as shown in below Screenshot

now click the “OK” button and use it to scan the barcode on the app you just downloaded and installed on your own phone. After scanning it all his chats will appear on the app you installed, now you have linked his device to yours 😅 allow the idiot to continue cheating on your without knowing you’re aware of all his wrong doings 😃. Try this out and drop testimony on below comment section. Thanks for reading how to hack your spouse WhatsApp. Share!

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