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How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria with proven easy method 2019/20
To hack bank account is not easy and has never been until 2014 the year some powerful hacking tools were released.
To hack bank account seems mission impossible but is not when BVN (bank verification number) is involved or in a hacker’s possession,

since the introduction of BVN (bank verification number) there has been many fraudulent reports and this keeps raising massively on daily basis.

  • READ 👉 Every bank account holder in Nigeria has his/her own BVN (bank verification number) in his/her possession which their full informations are stored on, with BVN which contains all your informations your bank account is liable to get breeched and your funds will be stolen hundred percent.

There has been lots of debates on the possibility of this topic “How to hack bank account with BVN in Nigeria”

Now let’s drive you to a simple common way some hackers perform one on one hacking process, pick any mobile phone within your reach and dail *565*0# then send,

wait for few seconds you will receive the BVN of the phone owner if only the phone number is linked to his/her bank account, when these hackers do this and get hold of your BVN you are gone.

  • NOTE: whatever you read here is for educational purposes

if you are aspiring to become anonymous hacker you need not follow the above method of one on one hacking all you need is a powerful tool to set you up on your journey.

  • READ THIS >>>: remember BVN is the most important so make sure you have it in your possession otherwise your efforts will be useless.
  • RECOMMENDATION: there’s a powerful hacking tool which you can install on your mobile phone or your computer, it’s cost is about #21,550NGN I know this tool maybe costly to you but definitely not to those who really need it and blessed are those who are always eager for they shall never be disappointed

the name of this tool is “Oracle2000 For All Banks” it is reliable and not traceable when you use it, it is easy to use.


make sure you don’t put your main line as the number to receive OTP with for safety and make sure you don’t move around with the device you will install it on for security reasons and safety.


to get Oracle2000 for all banks CLICK HERE upon successful charge you will be redirected to the download page to download it instantly.
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