And Someone having seen me using UK phone number in nigeria asked “How To Get International Number In Nigeria” spending little or nothing?.

There are many Reasons Why people search for international phone numbers in Nigeria. The well known Yahoo business cannot flow without it, Internet markers, Freelancers, Online Entrepreneurs, Individuals, Business owners need international number especially US, UK, Canada, Poland etc for easy online registrations as most of the earnings sites like Fiverr, Upward, PayPal etc requires them.

There are Many Ways to Create International phone numbers in Nigeria but these numbers can only be virtual instead of real phone numbers. The virtual numbers will always serve you better just like every other number format such as sending sms, receiving sms, making and receiving calls.

The major reason why most people need the numbers is for online sms verification purposes.

  • To open Facebook accounts
  • Open foreign whatsapp
  • Create International Instagram account
  • Open Foreign PayPal account
  • Open international Twitter account etc

There are different means to Get international number in nigeria some are free while other are paid but in this post, I will be showing You how to get it cheap using VYKE mobile app. That’s what i use for now and that’s what i will recommend because it’s cheap, effective and lovely.

A friend introduced me to this app three months ago while i was searching for reliable means to get international Virtual phone number in nigeria and it’s really cool and effective.

How To Get International Number In Nigeria

The Mobile App allows you to Create foreign phone numbers from four different countries. Canada United Kingdom, Poland and USA

The Duration is awesome because only $16 Can buy and secure your number for 365days (one year). That’s very cheap compared to other virtual phone numbers providers.

To get The Number is Very Easy. Just download and Install Vyke App on your android device.

Open the app and register using your Nigeria phone number and every necessary details.

When You successfully Login the VYKE App, the first thing to do is Fund your wallet. You can do this By clicking on the BUY button at the top right hand side of the app. Select your funding source PayPal or Credit/Debit Cards.

Fill in the necessary billing details (they must not be accurate). Select how much you want to pay depending on the phone number duration you would buy. Then continue with the payment.

After payment, you will be redirected back or you can refresh the app again to see your Balance credited (Top Up) with the funds you just paid for. Now it’s time to buy the phone number.

From Your app, Click On Add Number at the bottom right hand side. Enter your Phone number name (anything you can use in recognizing that particular phone number). Select how long you want to buy the number and proceed with the Buy button.

Now Your Number is Set and Ready For Use. You can now start making online registrations with the number and you will get your text message in the SMS TAB.

Is the Vyke Virtual Number Renewable?

Yeah, The Virtual Number issued By Vyke is renewed after the expiry date. Before the phone number expires, You will be notified about it. You will see the notification when you login your app and the renew button when you click on your number

Your Virtual number will still be available in your dashboard some days even after the expiration date. During this Period, you can fund your wallet and renew your number again to start receiving texts and calls. But once it clear from your dashboard, You can no longer get it again.

If the phone number is so important to you, don’t allow it expire and wiped from your account. If that happens, you have lost the number for life. Am sure you understand.

Create International Number In Nigeria

With the above Guide, You can create as many phone numbers as possible under one VYKE account. You can use these numbers for every online registration such as whatsapp, Facebook, IG, Twitter, payoneer, PayPal, Cashapp etc.

If you find the above helpful on how to get international number in nigeria kindly use the share button below someone out there might want to learn this too.

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