How to become a successful cheater

Cheating has become predominant in our society, even in the smallest unit of coexistence in relationships and marriages.

Cheating remains the biggest deal in the relationships and marriages but nobody admits to be dealing in the act.

Most women and men enjoy the sweet feeling of having a side dude or side chick.

This adds flavour to life everlasting

On this epistle i will be delivering to you on how to become a successful cheater.

Below are the steps to becoming a successful cheater.

1. Delete emails, call history and messages from your prospect side chick or side man.

Understand you came to get laid not leaving so much trail behind.

Your sidechick or side dude is there to satisfy your sexual needs effectively keeping so much of their messages and emails could leave a trail.

2. Never keep a photo you’ve with them.
Your main partner may stumble on their photo that will be bad vibe and they may find out you’re cheating.
Always keep things on the low.

3. If you’re to share nudes with your side chick or side man always delete it afterwards.
This helps you have peace of mind knowing you can’t be reported so you can’t get caught.
Nudes usually get to our heads and we forget to delete them.
So making sure the cheat goes successful you need to take out the excesses.
Delete them nudes immediately.

4. Make sure they don’t visit you when the kids are around, this could spark up suspicion.

Your kids could tell your partner and it could ruin your marriage.

5. Always use different location like a hotel at all time.

Using different location will reduce suspicions and increase comfort with the side chick or side dude.

You can leave town occasionally.

6. Don’t indulge in romantic phonecalls while your main partner is around it raises suspicion.
Cut the words down till you’re alone.
This is the key to the whole thing.

Follow this steps and you’re on your way to becoming the most successful cheat of the world.

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