i finally figured out how a scammer stole all my money from my Union Bank Account in the year 2019 and decided to make you understand how scammers steal money from card without OTP verification,

it was a great year for me as everything was going smoothly until one bad morning i woke up to 16 unread messages, i opened the first message behold. It was debit alert of ₦400,000 (four hundred thousand naira) i almost went crazy, i opened another and another till i opened all, as i was opening all was debit alerts and all my money was gone (over eight Million naira gone!),

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I broke down in tears and was broken, i went to bank with madness and instead of bank to console me by trying to find the person that did it they said i am the one that authorized the transaction, that was how i lost my life savings, i was broken that till today it still hunts me, the trauma is unbearable, that was over ten thousand US dollars.

How scammers steal money from card without OTP verification? Here’s how!

There’s actually a program used to make such illegal jobs which is Cardro Pro they use this program to hack people’s bank account and steal money,

How scammers steal money from card without OTP verification

that’s How scammers steal money from card without OTP verification.


We will fully lecture you how most of these illegal activities are being carried out using Cardro Pro, there is no much information needed just details related to your bank and personal data, funds are taken out from your account without no traces.

Cardro Pro has reportedly been one of the most reliable bank hacking software within some numbers of years an is greatly doing exploit.


Cardro Pro is safe and highly secured because it is a cloud based based hacking software that performs all hacking with it’s built-in VPN solution that keeps all transaction Anonymous.


Yes, it is very much possible to get OTP diversion from any online shop and get into it’s system to manipulate and carry out your activities with Cardro Pro

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