Cardro FPatch is a patch for the powerful bank account hacking tool “Cardro Pro” to fix loopholes that may lead to your Transactions to be compromised. It helps you to bruteforce your Transactions against strong firewalls and cashout safely.

With this latest FPatch compatible with Cardro Pro latest version of “V6” your flash/transactions are safe, secured and not detectable by bank firewalls.

Cardro FPatch

PRICE: $570


to purchase Cardro FPatch kindly contact us on our official mail only: with your WhatsApp number – to enable us sell it to you.

WARNING!!!: you are to contact us before making any payment to anyone claiming to be NairaTec Enterprise. Disregard anyone acting to sell Fpatch to you, contact us directly via our mail only. Thanks

SIGNED: NairaTec Management