We once discussed Flash Funds Tool – The Best fake bank alert app in nigeria. That was in our previous post where we wrote an article about “How to Do Fake SMS Bank alert in Nigeria

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It’s No Longer A new thing that people make money from Fake bank alert in Nigeria and if truely you can use this fake alert format very well, You will hit millions in just few months believe me. The earning potential is crazy.

Are You are Yahoo Boy who’s willing to make more millions exploring new formats? Are you an upcoming yahoo boy who’s looking for the best format to earn without sleepless nights?, No chatting with clients for months, No everyday subscription, No video Calls and all that then you should try Fake Alert format.

The Latest Version of Flash Funds Have Just two Functions. It can be used for data spinning and also for sending fake bank alert.

Flash Funds – Fake Bank Alert App in Nigeria

Flash Funding Tool only work for Nigeria banks. If you are looking for international Fake Alert Tool / Application then you should check out CardCumbo.

Flash Funding Apk App Carries Two Functions : Flash Alert and Flash Spinning.

Flash Alert:

This is the Major feature and the reason why everyone is up for this tool. The flash Funding feature helps send instant Fake alert to anyone you desires without any single trace.

By default, When you send Messages the senders ID do show up: But in the case of flash funds, You only need to select the bank ID and it will appear in the clients phone or device exactly as it usually comes from the particular bank they operates.

If You’ve been using this app in the past years, or if you have ever used it before, am sure you know the difficulty “How to get the client phone numbers or email which they use in receiving alert from their banks so you won’t fuck up sending alert to the wrong number”

But in this recent Flash Funds version, This issue has been settled by adding the Fash spinning feature which enables you get the bank data even before sending your alert. We will discuss that soon.

One Good Reason Why Flash Funds is Better than most Fake alert tools / Apps is because it automatically update clients bank balance with the exact amount you flashed to them. This Flashed funds will be cleared after 24hrs (sometimes, the flashed funds even last longer than that before it’s been cleared from their bank balance).

Let assume someone used Flash Funds the software for fake bank alert to transfer $5,000 to your account. If your balance was initially 1,500$ immediately they flash you the funds and you get the alert, your bank balance will auto update to $6,500. And after 24hrs, it will return to initial $1,500 normal again.

This Auto update feature This wasn’t present in flash funds 4.2. Another reason am in love with the tool is “In every newly released version, They add extra and beneficiary features. It makes everything easy because when they check their balance and see you really sent money, the case is solved.

Flash Spinning :

No more Fears of sending alerts to the wrong number. All you need to do is open the app and click on flash spinning, enter owners bank details – Bank name, Bank account number, Account holder name. Then click on Spin Now button and every necessary details you need to send your fake alert will pop out.

The Address, Phone Number and Email associated with the account will show up. They also display other details like “Date of birth, Passport Photos but they aren’t useful for this deal. What we need is their phone number or email address.

Once you get that ready, You can now go ahead to start Flashing Funds using your fake bank alert app

Dangers Involved in Sending Fake Bank Alert

It’s Not even Lawful in the First Place using anything related to fake alerts and am sure you are aware even before hitting on this page. Now that you are ready to do anything for money, kindly read well below before you continue with the fake bank alert process.

Before You send Fake Alert to someone, It means You must have gotten some business deals with the person and you want to make payment. Perhaps for things that are yet to be delivered which will be delivered to you after payment.

Now you sent them Fake Bank alerts and they deliver your goods/ Services. After a while they will definitely realize that the money you sent wasn’t successful. Do you really think they will let you go free?

What’s your Current position before making the Fake Alert? Can you easily escape if it warrant looking for you? Do you think the person will not realize it? Is your identity well known that you can’t hide?. These are some of the questions you need to answer.

If You are caught, You will definitely go to jail or face whatever wrath of the Law. And whatever come upon you is fit for you because of your act.

Use Fake Bank alert app in from anywhere Without Getting Caught

Instead of Using these tools for individuals whom know you really well and those you can’t possibly escape from, Why not use that in a public place far away from your actual location.

But before you use fake alert in places like the supper market, POS, Restaurants etc, you must have the Updated Version of Flash Funds which will display every detail about the account owner and send the SMS maturedly with their bank labels and update their bank balance Leaving no trace.

If You go ahead to use some kinds of Fake Alert apps which aren’t advanced and you get caught, Am sure you know what angry Mobs can do. Maybe Roast You alive or hand over you to the police if you are lucky enough.

How I Personally Get Real Cash Using Flash Funds Fake Alert App

I just Travel Far Away to places where no one have ever seen or known me before. I branch any POS store and ask for their account details that I want to do mobile transfer because my Card aren’t with me.

Almost all POS shops does that. They will give me their bank details to make payment. I just transfer to them using Fash Funds (The Best Fake Alert Tool though it’s premium but very powerful).

They will check their phone, receive the alert and also it will be updated in their account balance immediately. They will make payment in cash. And that’s all.

So if You work as a POS shop owner, Know who does Bank transfer to you because Flashing of Funds is no longer new. That’s for your safety anyway.

Beside that, another trick is :Send anyone you get their bank details maybe online or anywhere – Just flash them some funds, Call their line and tell them you mistakenly transferred to their account and that they should please refund you.

Then You give them Your Bank account (Remember you are using your fake bank account for this kind of deal. If you don’t have fake bank account, don’t try this)

If the person is kind enough, they will send you that money thinking they have made refund not knowing they made transfer from their own balance. Before they will realize this, you are done with them already. Most cases the people you flashed funds to might be as bad as you are. In such case don’t expect any refund because they will block your line immediately. Anyway you have nothing to loss so you just go ahead to try other clients. There are still many good Samaritans in the country so don’t wonder if that really makes money – i have earned countless of time with that method.

The only challenge is : some will report your account and it will get blocked. So you must be smart not to leave funds in your fake bank account which you use for runs because anything can happen anytime.

How Much is Flash Funds App?

Hope you aren’t thinking this app is free because even farmers do buy tools talk more of you a yahoo boy. If you are looking for Free Fake Bank alert apps, i think you should check Google front and back for them. This is not a free tool. 

Note: That’s one Time and lifetime payment and whenever updates or changes are made on the app, you will always be prompted to update your app without any extra fee. It got unlimited installs – This means, So Long you purchased the app, you can share your unique download link with anyone and you can also transfer the app to any device without demanding license key or whatever.

So sad many upcoming Yahoo Boys and Girls reading this post can’t afford $70 but trust me, if you can get this tool and use it well as described or explore other real formats you might think of, You will earn Unlimitedly. But always be careful because law still abides and jail is real.

Remember the first rule of illegal business “Be careful and don’t get caught”. If you wanna buy, Am sure you know how we roll here “Contact us for Payment details (Make payment – Get your unique download link with guidelines to use app :Keep rocking) Good Luck and stop wondering why many yahoo boys won’t go slim even while they make millions. The reason you don’t go robust is because you are always online and awake every day and night hustling clients up and down. It still works anyway but i think you can still upgrade. Make big money while you get enough rest. You can hit below WhatsApp button to contact us

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