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fake bank alerts with Flash Funds tool.


How to perform fake credit alerts
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flash fund is a powerful Hacking tool which hackers and cyber criminals use to perform fake bank alerts within minutes it is easy to use, so far it has been recorded that over one million people uses this powerful tool, good thing about this tool is that it has cool super heart pleasing functionalities most especially comes in two versions which are (mobile and PC versions) leaving you with options of which and where to install it on.


It works within minutes and takes 24hours to disappear all you need is the bank account details you want to flash the funds into and you are good to go, bank account holder will receive the credit alert in default way he/she do receive from his/her bank and wont know will the added digits disappears even the bank wont know what happened.

NOTE: The account holder will receive sms alert of the deposit and will fully confirm it was successfully credited,the flashing wizard decrypts the bank info injecting malwares into the bank’s database disorganizing the data sense of the account giving free access to cloud waremal which will enable the tool flash within minutes

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READ: Kindly note that this lasts for only 24 hours and after it will disappear so,so what ever purpose of you flashing this particular bank account should be snappy

READ THIS: Flash fund is of two version MOBILE AND PC version, it is powerful tool to generate false credit alerts (bank account funds flashing) that most dubious bankers use to steal from bank account holder banking with their banks customers so beware.

Where can I get flash fund tool to make fake bank alerts ? to get FlashFunds CLICK HERE and thank you for dropping by kindly drop a comment below

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