How To Become A Millionaire

How To Become A Millionaire’

“Profit is the aim of every business man”. we were taught so while growing up. You need to sell something to make money.

Yes, some would sell their skill, some sell labour, others sell product and service, some also invest money over a period of time, while most people sell goods etc all in the business of making money(profit).

Obviously, we all dream of becoming a millionaire someday or soon. We are always in thought of how to break a leg to become a millionaire.

Becoming a millionaire require one to be churn out a unique problem solving ideas. The world is filled with troubles and problems. Hence, waiting to be solved so that human lives could be better.

I know you hear people say; I made my first million when I was at the verge of giving up. Most of these persons went to a lot to achieve their dreams.

From below I will walk you to becoming a millionaire.

Becoming a millionaire you need think like one, first of all you have to identify problems from your immediate environment, frankly; if you can identify a problem then your dreams of becoming a millionaire is not far fetched. When you identify these problem then you can walk to the next step.

Let’s identify a problem below;
You live in a village where people walk far distance to fetch water. You know water is a daily used product and also it consumes their time to carry out other activities.

Above we have been able to identify a problem.

Secondly, you have to think extensively on the solution. Solution to a problem is what helps one become a millionaire.
Solutions has made many millionaires even billionaires. You could share this idea to willing investors so even when you are not financial capable they will invest in your idea and the ROI should be enticing.

Now let’s solve the problem above; these villagers need great help, they will pay if the water is nearer and cleaner to the houses. So all you have to do is construct borehole water at the centre of the community. This way you help them solve their problem and you get paid for it. Isn’t that electrifying.

When you have been able to achieve this and you’ve gotten success. You can ask people to share their testimony to other villagers who may not have known about the improved services. You can start out with a discount. So when it has become a norm in the community you can increase the price, psychological humans want a job to be done easily.

Adjusting and navigating your sail; this means you can start optimising to expand your venture to the next village. Over long time they have been hearing about your services. Now seeing the success you’ve achieved. Your esteemed investors will be prone to add more than they haven’t.

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Escalating things; you could start home delivery of your services: humans want things done easy and quick. You can start advertising on this and individuals will pay you handsomely for this great job.

Becoming a millionaire requires an individual to think like a millionaire.

You can start solving problems for great number of people and you’re on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Great things take time.

Now look around your environment

Identify a problem
Think of solution
Solve them diligently
Get paid
Expand your business
Then you’re a millionaire

You’re on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Share to your future millionaire friends.
You will be glad you did.

Stay safe my future millionaire friends.

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