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There’s no doubt making verified Stripe account is kinda tough and expensive and that’s why you see people rather buy verified stripe account instead of making one. If you are a newbie to the system, you might be wondering why someone will pay as high as $600 or even more just to get a verified stripe account as a non USA citizen. They are not as stupid as you may be thinking instead, they desperately need it for their business.

But sincerely speaking, Opening a fully verified and ready to use stripe account is not as hard as portrayed by many online writers instead, getting the requirements is tougher.

If you run and manage a business where you need to process Card payments from worldwide then you will have no option than using stripe as stripe is the best payment method which enables you to receive credit/debit card payments from any part of the world without issues.

Because of some itches in getting verified stripe account, so many fellows have left their business hanging as there’s no better and cheaper alternatives to collecting global card payments order than stripe. But never worry because we are still here to help you having helped so many clients locally and internationally in getting their stripe accounts verified.

Before i continue, I would also want to inform you that we sell other accounts such as Verified Payoneer Account, Verified Coinbase Account, Verified Cash app Account. You may be in need.

Requirements To Open Verified Stripe Account

I still hear someone silently ask “What are the requirements to make verified Stripe account”? Am dropping them here and also a quick video guide on how to open Verified stripe account ,perhaps you may want to run through the process yourself. (this will definitely help)

To setup Verified stripe account which can process payments anywhere, You need:

  • LLC Company Formation.
  • EIN/Federal Tax ID.
  • US Phone Number.
  • US Virtual Physical Address.
  • Payoneer US Bank Account.

Let me walk you through getting the above details. Anyone can get USA virtual number online, You can Google virtual address online, You can Open Payoneer account for virtual Bank but getting LLC and EIN is the main work and where the whole cost lies. Let me quickly show you how to Form your LLC to get your EIN at IncAuthority.

Visit and click on the Start Now button .

Select Entity Type and Filling State As Kentucky
In your entity type, select Limited Liability Company (LLC) and in the Formation State, select Kentucky because the tax their is super low compared to other states where you will be charged higher.

Click on Save & Continue.

From the Next page, enter your personal information : Your First and Last name, Email address and contact phone number.

Enter Your Business Details; Enter your business name and business description (if you have a clothing online store, say you have an online and you sell clothings and apparel).

A brief description of your company, a sentence or two describing your business.

Select your business benefit and click save & continue.

Business Address; You need a US Address to continue in this step, go-to and signup.

You’ll get a US address instantly, use it and continue your signup. Takes just 1 minute.

In your US Address, note that CA means California.

EIN/Federal TAX ID; The interesting part about IncAuthority is they get an EIN for you at $49, which is considered as the cheapest place to get one. Others charge from $95 and above.

You need to include the EIN/Federal Tax ID which is very important!

Click save and continue.

Operating Agreement; Operating agreement is important because it provides proof you own the business.

In case any problem occurs in future, you can be able to correct them with your operating agreement and in case Stripe requires it.

Select the operating agreement and proceed with the form.

Addons; The next pages contains Addons and they include the following:

  • INC Protection Advisor. $27/month.
  • LawSuit Protection. – $99.
  • Express Delivery – $49.
  • Domain Name – $29.95
  • Business License Package – $99

All these ad-dons are not important, so you can skip all of them until you get to the payment stage.

Make Final Payments; At the end, you’ll only be paying for State Filling Fee, EIN and Operating Agreement.

Other formation companies charge a lot for offering this service but IncAuthority Charges $0 Service fee.

Now you need to make payment using either Debit/Credit Card or PayPal.

For the Delivery Option, you can select $0 free delivery (Electronic Delivery) and they will be delivered to your email

Finally, that is all. You’ve successfully created your LLC Business Name and EIN/Federal Tax ID.

Next, you’ll need to setup a stripe account with the details.

How to Open Verified Stripe account

Below is a quick video guide on how to create verified stripe account. Do accordingly using the necessary acquired details.

Am very sure this post will be of help setting up your own stripe account. However, we can help you run this easily at affordable rate. In that case, you won’t need to go through the whole stress of getting any documents or ID.

Buy Verified Stripe Account

If you’re struggling with maintaining your Stripe accounts, or even worse you’re unable to open a verified Stripe account due to your location, we got a solution that’ll make things much easier for you.

We’re now offering DOUBLE verified Strip accounts. This means they’ve been verified with all the required documents, ID’s, and phone number — all registered under anonymous identities (not traceable to you in any way)

We will get the documents and the phone number that needed to verify your account, in 24 hours max your account will be verified with documents and phone number and you can use it right away after we deliver it.

Do You need a verified stripe account for your Business? Irrespective of your location, we can help setup your account with ease.

We will help you setup a payoneer account, Virtual number, Virtual address, EIN, LLC and also personal information related details (Your Photo ID).

All details will be handed over to you during account delivery.

Buy Verified Stripe account

We Charge Just $210 for Stripe account setup. And your account setup get delivered within 48Hrs.

You Can make complete or Half payment of 120$. When we are done with your Job then you can balance up.

If You need a professional Hand to setup your stripe account, you are in the right place. Contact us Now

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  1. Hello Boss I’ve succeeded in getting the LLC and EIN using your Guide above. Please how can I get virtual number (US)

  2. You can use application such as (VYKE app) they issue virtual number for as low as 4$ per month

  3. What about Tax ID. Wouldn’t they demand for that during registration of the stripe account?

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  15. How long does stripe take to send first payments on the accounts you are making?

    1. Stripe takes 7days for first payment but after that, all other payments are 2 – 4 days

    1. The payment above is for our services

      Stripe don’t charge for making account unless stripe atlas

      Once your account is setup and ready, no extra charges

  16. Please how can I withdraw from stripe in Nigeria? I’ve gotten a stripe account but don’t really know about the withdrawal method

    1. You can withdraw from stripe account in Nigeria using virtual banks like payoneer. But if you have USA Bank account, then it’s perfect

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